Roy Scheider earned global fame for taking on the shark in Jaws as well as getting Oscar nominations for teaming up with Gene Hackman in The French Connection and playing Bob Fosse in All That Jazz. Today he lives in Sagaponak in the Hamptons, where he and the Cummings brothers met. Roy agreed to read the script and quickly accepted his role as ‘Linus’… as long as he didn’t have to wear a uniform.




Susie Misner got her first credited role in 1995 and has been climbing her way up with steady work ever since. She has appeared in numerous independent films and television and recently played a part in Lasse Hallstrom “The Hoax”. Susie brings a fresh look to the part of a classic femme fatale.




 Noelle Beck started her acting career early on as a regular on “Loving”. The steady work helped her to hone her craft as well as make it impossible for her to walk the streets of Italy, where her character “Trisha” remains wildly popular. Noelle appears often in New York based television and independent film and spends her summer months in the Hamptons. Her ‘Janice’ does all she can to keep her husband in line… and fails.




Ronald Guttman is another of the Hamptons troupe, living much of the year in Sagaponak where he crosses paths with Roy Scheider at the post-office. Ron has appeared in studio fare like The Hunt For Red October as well as numerous foreign and native independent films and television. Ron plays “Ayad”, the counsel to whom Davis turns for advice.




Bill Sage gained notice early on as a regular on Hal Hartley’s films and has been working steadily ever since. He can be seen in recently successful independent films Even Hand and Mysterious Skin as well as studio fare and television. All of his experience – as well as his sense of humor – were called upon to make Davis Meyers a sympathetic and tragic figure despite some of his dubious decision making.

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